The importance of professional redeployment for staff partners

The culture created around geographical mobility is a key issue for companies. Loyalty and the development of talent are major challenges for industrial development and performance.

Professional geographical mobility is a commitment with a bearing on the life of all the family. For a long time, companies have not considered the issue of staff partners because they believed:

  • that it was not the business of the company to involve itself in the private sphere of family life
  • or they simply overlooked the importance of staff partners in making a commitment to mobility


Very often, geographical mobility results in a forced career break for the accompanying partner, an “invisible” person in the eyes of the HR Department but nonetheless a person of vital concern in terms of the decision of the member of staff. The partner can therefore by a vital facilitator for the change or, on the contrary, a real impediment for such change.

By offering measures of assistance for the professional adaptation of the partner in the new home region we can contribute to the success of the change, strengthen the integration and commitment of the new member of staff and avoid the additional costs that would result from failure.

A flexible approach for providing assistance

The employment opportunities of the partner are a crucial part of the decision-making process and it is therefore necessary to give the partner assistance in working though plans, clarifying goals and providing a space for him or her to determine ambitions.

Why it is essential to provide support for the partners of relocated staff?