Tailored services for your specific needs!

RWS is extending its range of services and can assist you with the purchase of a property

Property search based on individual needs

You have been relocated for more than 6 months and you wish to purchase a property in or around Montpellier.

So far you have not succeeded because you are not on site and you don’t have the time to carry out the necessary searches.

We propose an alternative:

RWS works in partnership with professionals in this area and provides a service to help you to make a successful purchase.

We can meet you at your place of work in order to explore and assess your needs and offer you possible solutions without any commitment).

Our service

  • Searches for property to buy (plots, apartments, houses, both new and old)
  • Searches for property to rent
  • Aid and assistance for the sale of your property
  • Assistance with construction, renovation and decoration
  • Assistance and advice with related finance
  • Assistance and advice on management of your financial assets (tax exemption, investments, life insurance etc.)

In summary:

Following an initial interview to clarify your needs, you formally entrust us with the task of undertaking the necessary property searches.

Our agent will then act on your behalf and carry out a property search for you based on defined needs.

The agent will select and visit properties and provide you with full reports.

When you have received these reports, you choose the properties that you are interested in and ask for a viewing schedule based on your availability.

RWS assists you and provides you with detailed advice throughout the process, right up to the time when the purchase is completed at the notary offices.

Let us find your ideal property!