Successful arrival and trouble-free departure

Upon arrival, and when leaving to another French town, our professional service will ensure that your staff have a trouble-free experience, with the help of our carefully selected national network of partners.


  • Advice about the target residential area and information about the property market
  • Documentation about the region
  • Selection of real estate agents and/or home owners
  • A pre-selection of at least 6 properties (4 if furnished) based on the search parameters
  • Management of viewing appointments
  • Assistance for viewings and advice about the quality of the related accommodation
  • Organisation of related documentation and transmission to the real estate agent for validation
  • Assistance with the drafting of the rental contract (lease document)
  • Assistance with the check-in inventory for the chosen accommodation
  • Opening of an EDF electricity account, GDF gas account, and water account
  • Forwarding of keys
  • Organisation of the Mobili-Pass file


RWS and its partners organise your departure to another destination and offer you the same assistance for your next move.

A La Carte Services:

  • Provision of a list of insurance companies
  • Telephone (home landline and mobile phone)
  • Internet connection
  • Small-scale installation work
  • Reception of transported belongings
  • Housekeeping for arrival
  • Shopping
  • Assistance with the purchase of goods and services
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Vehicle registration
  • Exchange and alteration of driving licence
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Enrolment for sports clubs or cultural societies
  • “Co-ordinating the removal process”
  • A consultant is provided for your partner to assist with his or her search for employment

Arriving or departing?
Smile! Your staff will be assisted