«A customized service that insures the success of each relocation»

RWS offers a complete solution for the relocation needs of your staff and their families whether they come from abroad or already live in France.
The RWS approach ensures that your future collaborator’s relocation happens under the best conditions and that the experience is both professionally and personally enriching. RWS tailors its services to fit your company’s requirements while accommodating your employees’ personal needs. In this way, you can be confident that each member of your team enjoys the best possible conditions for a successful relocation and feels welcome, at home and ready to devote his energy to the success of the company.

«Get settled quickly and efficiently»


Finding the right home is an important part of a successful relocation and has significant influence on how your employee adapts to his new environment.  RWS has developed a home search methodology that has proved its capacity to deliver rapid results:

  • Needs definition and house profile development
  • Preliminary consulting on most suitable neighborhood
  • Selection of homes that match the criteria
  • Organization of visit schedule and assistance during the visits of homes on the short-list
  • Management of routine procedures associated with moving in; incoming inventory, gas, electricity, phone and internet connection, insurance, etc.

«Working with the local government administrations»

Administrative formalities

Prior to your employee’s arrival, RWS provides a checklist of documents that that will be need upon arrival to undertake the various administrative procedures required by the local government agencies.

  • Residence permit: RWS manages all aspects of the application including compiling all required documents, filling in the forms on behalf of the employee and submitting and tracking the application to completion.
  • Bank accounts: If required, RWS can provide a temporary domiciliation that enables your employee to open an account immediately upon arrival.

«Related services for settling into a new environment»

Other services

RWS provides various services, based on the situation and requirements of each person, in order to facilitate the integration of staff families.

  • Nursery school search
  • School enrolment
  • Information on local cultural and sports activities and shops
  • Additional services as required by your company or your employee

Thanks to a network of professionals
real estate agencies, insurance companies, banks, etc.

Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the area,
its neighborhoods, school, shops, recreational facilities,
and other important points of interest.

Our familiarity with specific administrative requirements and procedures
(town hall, regional organizations, CAF, CPAM etc) will guarantee you a successful relocation.

R.W.S. is able to provide the best service for your new staff.

Relocation is an asset for the motivation of your future staff