What our clients say about us

logo palm-sourceSara is a young designer working for Palm-Sources

She moved to France from Sweden. “Things are more complicated for a foreigner. In my case, I had to find accommodation and it was a Catch 22 situation. I needed a bank account to rent an apartment but I also needed an address to open a bank account and I had a week to get hold of a cheque book, without which I couldn’t pay my deposit and rent. RWS took care of all of that, and all my other problems like finding a school for my daughter, cleaning the apartment, attending to the removal delivery, taking care of electricity supply connections, registering me for Child Allowance and Social Security etc. The company explained everything to me and they always found a solution to my problems”.

Valérie is a designer recently recruited by the clothes shop “Orchestra”

She moved from Roanne and had only a week between the time that she accepted the post and started work. “RWS found me temporary accommodation and, based on my requirements, the company found me an apartment, taking care of appointments and enabling me to get settled in less than a week! The company simplified my life and I set myself up without stress. More than that, they made sure that I got to see the town! “
(Midi Libre newspaper, 14/09/2005)

logo-ubisoftAn H.R. Director responsible for relocation

“The services offered by RWS have a number of advantages for both the company and staff. For 6 years now our company has used these services to assist with recruitment and relocation for all staff and more than 50 of our people are assisted by RWS each year.

The relocation service enables us to provide support in finding accommodation, without cost for the company or the employee.
This assistance comes in many forms, including connections for electricity, telephones, support with negotiation with real estate agents, or just simply getting good advice and information about areas to live in, and practical things like flooding risks, district profiles, shops etc. Partners and children are not forgotten about and RWS considers their possible difficulties, such as the need to find crèches and infant schools and to be located not too far away from the town centre and have access to transport networks. All these things help them in the process of adapting to their new environment.

The relocation service therefore gives us a guarantee of fast and successful integration and it gives the company a good image, showing that it cares about the welfare of its staff”.

logo-ubisoftVincent from UBISOFT

My transfer to Montpellier went very smoothly and without stress despite a very tight schedule. RWS’s consultants are always available to help and they are very patient.

Such was my satisfaction with their services that I used them again when I left Montpellier for a new job in Paris.
I would like to use this testimonial to thank all the staff at RWS for their professionalism, kindness, hard work and swiftness.
Without them, I am sure that I would still be looking for accommodation! I am very happy with the excellent apartment where I am now living.

Thank you once again and best wishes for the future.