September is the start of a new academic year and this is perfect timing to learn or improve your French or another language. RWS take this timely opportunity to introduce you to 4 of their partners and language specialists.

Each one of you has their own learning method, with the aim of a successful integration in line with your own expectations. In response to your specific learning requirements together with busy schedules we recommend the following language schools in Montpellier:

INSTITUT LINGUISTIQUE DU PEYROU: The institute enables everyone to communicate in everyday life situations through classes, cultural activities for individuals and businesses. They share with you their 30 years experience through their FLE (Français Langue Etrangère) programme for personal enjoyment or in view to obtain a state diploma.

MILI SCHOOL: The school is multilingual. For children learning is done through playing, singing , speaking , using multimedia tools, through workshops, etc…, classes can take place during school holidays or in short courses.
For adults,  teaching methods with a  playful approach to develop what has been learned in order to develop auditive memory  in addition to improvisation classes or formulas based on the particular needs of individuals and businesses (programs intra / inter company ), news , Internet.

COMME UNE FRANCAISE : An interactive approach for teaching French to foreigners in your home and independently at a pace that suits you. It Is through the internet that you will be able to learn the basics , customs, forms of use, using many examples from your own life, buying bred, food culture , fashion, … and finally to create a network thus opening up the path to a perfect integration in France .

FFM: A customized programme according to your goals. You want to learn or improve your French in France ? Formation Français Méditerranée based in Montpellier, adapts to your requirements and offers a wide range of tailor made French classes in your home or workplace !