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A few words about our Welcome!

We strive, above all, to ensure that our clients are respected, listened to and supported.
This applies both to the HR managers with whom we have a professional relationship throughout the relocation period and also to the relocated staff who come to live in our region.

The welcome that we offer you is about giving you time and appropriate advice so that you can settle in as easily as possible.

The welcome that we offer you is about finding the best solution to your needs in terms of a place to live.

The welcome that we offer youis about giving you our committed support in order to sort out all the little problems involved in moving and dealing with your concerns to ensure that the stress associated with relocation is reduced to a minimum.
Lastly, welcoming you is about sharing with you the pleasure of living in our beautiful region!

Alessandra Chauvin & Paola Corini

RWS Relocation - Installation, départ, arrivée


RWS is here to help when your staff arrive and depart.
Efficiency, time-saving and calm focus on the work ahead!

RWS Relocation - Procédures administratives


Our consultants have a clear understanding of how the administrative systems work and will simplify the integration process for your staff.

RWS Relocation -Procédures immigration



Our consultants have expertise in taking care of foreign staff and will assist them with all immigration procedures.

RWS Relocation - Coordination Déménagement


RWS manages a network of recognized services, guaranteeing a trouble-free move.

More than 17 years of experience

Since 2004 RWS has assisted 40 internationals and locals companies

Why to choose RWS?

1 . Controlling costs

for a reduction of charges involved in moving

2 . Saving time

and keeping your focus on your HR tasks

3 . Staff motivation

an asset for recruitment

4 . Recognized expertise

95% staff satisfaction

Our clients

We thank all our clients for putting their trust in us!

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